Protein Cookie Dough


For all of you who love our cookies, the dough is even better!

Bake your cookies and eat them hot and fresh or eat the dough on its own. Our recipe contains no eggs so can be eaten raw!

Pack of 3 cookies 



Satisfy that sweet tooth with a protein packed chocolate chip or white chocolate macadamia nut cookies. Mouth watering delicious!

All calories are per cookie


Calories 134 | Protein 6.7 | Carbs 8.3 | Fat 7.8 each cookie

Ingredients: Almond Flour, Baking Powder, Brown Sugar Substitute, Peanut Butter, Apple Sauce, Chocolate Chips, Plant based Protein Powder, Vanilla, Salt


Calories 183| Protein 7 | Carbohydrates 13 | Fat 12 | Fiber 3.3 | Sugar 7

 Ingredients: Almond flour, unsweetened apple sauce, peanut butter, vanilla extract, cinnamon, apples, plant based protein powder 


ingredients: almond flour, coconut oil, white chocolate chips, macadamia nuts, almond milk, brown sugar, vanilla , protein powder. 

Calories 146 | Protein 5.7| Carbs 5.8 | Fat 11

Brownie Batter

Ingredients: Plant based Protein, Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk, Sweet Potato, Avocado, Peanut Butter, Cacao Powder, Chocolate Chips, Maple Syrup 

Calories 140 | Protein 7.2 | Carbs 8.4 | Fat 9.3 per brownie

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