We're just two girls who were prepping healthy meals for friends and realized that more people than we thought could use the same help. So we decided to turn our little fun idea into something more, and now we have BodyBEASTro!

How it works: we post our menu for the following week no later than Monday.  We always have 4 meals, but made two different ways. You can go with our BEASTro Builder, where it’s a perfectly rounded meal with higher carbs. Then we have the Lean BEAST version which is lower in carbs but higher in greens so you still get the same volume. We have just introduced our new KETO menu! This menu is super low carb, higher in fat and keeping the protein to no more than 30g(25%). Each meal is $5 or $10 and all orders must be placed no later than Thursday. Meals are delivered to your door every Sunday for $5-$10 depending on where you are located.


If you are not home during our delivery time, we ask that you leave a cooler outside large enough for your order.