Caesar Salad


Crunchy romaine lettuce, choose between shredded smoked chicken breast, canneloni beans or shrimp for you protein. Fresh Parmesan cheese with a light Caesar dressing. Keeping it simple and delicious. 

Basic salad no protein 

calories 261 | Protein 7.9 | Carbohydrates 13 | Fats 21


Smoked Chicken Breast 

Calories 448 | Protein 43 | Carbohydrates 13 | Fats 21


Calories 373 | Protein 35| Carbohydrates 13 | Fats 21

Cannelloni  Beans 

Calories 461 | Protein 22 | Carbohydrates 50 | Fats 21


Ingredients - Romaine lettuce, Parmesan cheese, Caesar dressing, croutons

choose your protein chicken breast, shrimp or cannelloni beans 

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